Episode 109: H.2 – Winkey Face


We find out what mischief Thorn is up to with the Rod of Orcus and learn where Sezzur has matriculated to.

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3 replies on “Episode 109: H.2 – Winkey Face”

Am I the only one who didn’t hear: Orcus appear and crush the temple, Thorn get a bone rod, Sezzur go through a portal in 108?

(Tinzien) Good morning Dave!

I encountered this question from you on our Facebook first yesterday and responded there.

For anyone else who comes along after the fact and reads this: There was a gap of two weeks between the recording sessions and I apparently thought that the Orcus/Rod/Portal thing had already happened in game by the time I did my recap in episode 109. I’m going to try and clear up the issue in my next administrative note, either tonight or (more likely) on 5/17 when we next record a story episode.

Jenesee and I have reviewed the original audio recording files and we don’t believe at this point that an episode was missed so it appear to be
the above error. If something changes I will let people know.

Thank you for bring this to our attention!


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