First Episode

Episode 1

We recorded the first episode of the podcast this past weekend! Tinzien is going to run us through the campaign  H.1 – Keep of the Shadowfell. Stay tuned for episodes!

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Looking forward to it guys and gals, I assume it’s going to be available on RSS? If not, be sure to tweet out when the new ones come up, I’d love to jump in on the ground floor of a new game.

Theres always that mystery and excitement with a new game, what characters are going to team up, which ones will take shots at each other, who will become the leader and whose the guy that always comes up with the ONE thing the DM didnt think of. And how will he deal with it? Can’t wait to find out!

Yup, RSS should be up next week and will be accessable through here or itunes.We are excited to begin and thanks for the great comment!

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