Episode 41: H.2: Epic Poem

The party returns to the inn to learn more about the Drow. Mydhryn tells a tale and Thorn discovers some disturbing evidence at the site of an explosion…. and actually shares the information!

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Mydthrns poem

Hail! Friends from far
and neighbors near
come gather round
the fire to hear
Adventurous tales
I deem are true
thus may our history
come to you
and if you are wise
and lore you seek
then you will prize
these words I speak.

Below the deepest
tunnels delved
by the dwarves
dwell the dark elves
we call them row
they live unseen
they delight in death
with their spider queen

the labyrinth
that is their realm
the underdark
would overwhelm
any creature
born of light
they shun the sun
and embrace the night

Wicked chaos
is their way
from night of birth
till pall of the grave
with arachnoid hymns
they plight their troth
and pledge to serve
the goddess Llolth

Now it is not unclean
to live in the dark
if you cherish
lifes bright spark
but that is not
the way of the row
their seed is chaos
and corruption their plow

Countless dwarves
and elves and men
have been taken
and never seen again
brought below
to serve as slaves
or cruelly killed
beneath our graves

they treat each other
with equal spite
for strength is king
in the drow dreamt night
they sacrifice
both kith and kin
for slightest gain
or simplest whim

Pain is their anvil
despair is their forge
the shadow is comfort
and so I implore
flee from dark places
let no path draw you down
for you may find a treasure
or you may, by the row, be found.